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All about food and cooking including nutrition, dieting, meal planning, family-style restaurants and fine dining, sweets, snacks, seasoning, vegetarian, organic, ethnic, dairy, meat, fruits, vegetables, grains, drinks, etc.

  • Intro to genetically engineered foods, history, examples of genetically modified plants & animals

  •  Drink

  • An open-source recipe for homemade "OpenCola" (also create and modify new recipes)
  • Effects on body, driving, fetus, society, and alcoholism, treatment, lesson plans K-12, quiz.
  • Recent research on health benefits of coffee and diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, and more.
  • A comprehensive list of scientific abstracts about nutritional and health effects of coffee.
  • Make your own healthy fruit juices, smoothies and shakes, for more vitamins and minerals.
  • More...

  •  Ethnic

  • Ethnic/cultural resources and info on healthy eating, from African-American to Vietnamese food.
  • Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Israeli, Turkish.
  • Zabihah, food certification, cooking hygiene, prohibited foods, halal and haram
  • Jewish dietary laws, general rules and details, Kosher slaughtering, utensils, certification.

  •  Grains

  • Identify whole grains, health benefits, recipes, educational materials, resources, newsroom.
  • Learn about twelve different grains, nutrition information, easy cooking tips, diet plans.

  •  Meat & Fish

  • Past, present and future of the fishery industry, production, utilization, marketing.
  • Health, Omega 3 content per preparation, nutritional comparison to meat, safety, Q&A
  • Origins and history of the different kinds of meat, domestication, popular dishes, recipes.
  • Safe storage, handling, approximate cooking times and methods for the usual and exotic meats

  •  Recipes

  • Japanese home cooking recipes for people outside of Japan for healthy and delicious eating
  • Freshly made soy milk smells and tastes better than store bought kind and is preservative-free,
  • Recipes, facts and nutritional profiles of fruits, vegetables, eggs, grains, spices, etc.
  • Search a million recipes by dish, ingredient, cuisine, chef, and keep track of your choices.

  •  Shopping

  • What are your rights, handling complaints, what to expect in packaging and delivery of foods.
  • Tips to help you be a healthy grocery shopper, to plan ahead, be in control and read labels.
  • Create simple grocery shopping list, print it, email it to someone, check database for ingredients.
  • Tips on getting nourishing groceries at the best prices, where, when and how to shop for food.