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  • An open-source recipe for homemade "OpenCola" (also create and modify new recipes)

  • Alcohol

  • Effects on body, driving, fetus, society, and alcoholism, treatment, lesson plans K-12, quiz.

  • Coffee

  • Recent research on health benefits of coffee and diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, and more.
  • A comprehensive list of scientific abstracts about nutritional and health effects of coffee.

  • Juice

  • Make your own healthy fruit juices, smoothies and shakes, for more vitamins and minerals.

  • Tea

  • Research shows protective effect of tea on cardiovascular system is wiped out by adding milk.
  • All about tea types, history, brewing guide, health, farms, storage, purchases, gifts etc.
  • Green tea, black tea and organic herbal tea made with natural healing herbs (for U.S. only)
  • Redbush news/sample of Redbush tea (available for 19 countries)